AUSTRALIAN SADDLE FOX POLEY 16" WESTERN NEW SADDLE ENDURANCE TRAIL SECURE 6560. Saddles. Ghost features a strong but semi flexible base which stirrups and girthing are hung from for great weight distribution, with pressure distributing panels that velcro onto the bottom for custom spinal clearance. Design your dream saddle. Welcome to Better Saddles Better Saddles Ltd based in The New Forest, Hampshire / Wiltshire borders, provides a personal saddle fitting service to clients, and via our online shop offer top quality saddle related products. Treeless and flexible saddles, plus bareback pads. The dust pattern of the treeless saddle showed the saddle was bridging even with the rider’s weight in the saddle. To view the full range of Torsion saddles, please go to the shop. About us... Equine Whispers are specialists with over two decades of experience in the design, development and sales of Treeless and Flexible saddles. Ghost is a treeless saddle that is highly adjustable. These saddles have the stirup bar/hook placed about 1" further forward from the standard which is similar to dressage placment. Because they don’t have a tree to stabilize them may be more inclined to turn, taking you with it. Our saddles are designed for performance and comfort without compromise. Specialized statement on COVID-19 Read Here. Complicating the issue is the use of bulky, thick leather, double-thick skirting encasing the tree, and extending two to three inches in front of the bars of the tree. $900.00. Please examine the pressure pad images shown below for graphical proof (as you scroll down you will see the images).*. The shape of the surface of these panels are curved or convex. If you push in the middle of the panel you notice they flex, offering no support in the middle, where the horse’s back is best suited to carry weight. That way, no matter what the angle of the horse, there is some contact in the middle of that curved panel. ... Chester Concept Store is operated by Specialized Concept Store (Chester) Ltd (05973637). Each saddle is designed with the comfort of the horse and rider in mind. The image below shows when a rider is posting and the pressure is put directly on the spine from the stirrups when the rider gets up to post. The only place they support is at the four points of attachment to the tree. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Podium makes specialized endurance saddles that are treeless, and I'm very happy with them. Today Specialized saddles are used worldwide and are the world’s best-selling adjustable fit saddle. You were a huge help to me when I was making a big decision - long Better Saddles Ltd based in The New Forest, Hampshire / Wiltshire borders, provides a personal saddle fitting service to clients, and via our online shop offer top quality saddle related products. This is a place you never want to put pressure because the vertical spinal processes of the spinal column have no muscling over them, only skin and nerves, and pressure here is very painful for the horse. This can be hard on a horse even when in a treed saddle when the saddle has a good tree and fits properly, it can cause horrible soreson the horse's back with treeless saddles. BUA saddle Deuber & Partner Seabis Startrekk by Deuber. SPECIALIZED SADDLES Specialized Saddles are known worldwide for their light weight, comfort and patented 3-D fitting system. Handmade in the USA. These comparisons were done all with the same horse, same rider, and on the same day. Design your dream saddle. This failure of saddle to fit properly results in it being lifted off back, in center, and some remaining pressure is on loins where contact resumes. Pads with foam inserts can help minimize this spinal pressure but it still exists. An instructional saddle fitting DVD by Specialized Saddles is included with this saddle. Specialized Saddles, Canutillo, Texas. A self shining cream that feeds the leather and protects against mould growth. Note, when PSI is 5 and above blood flow can become restricted. Lighter weight 5. We will also be able to provide you with suitable treeless pad, dressage girth and stirrup leathers to go with the saddle, if needed (for no extra charge). This makes it similar to a GP positioning, with the riders leg being further forward, that allows the hips to rotate and the knees to come up. Horses experiencing this will be reluctant to extend their gaits and this much pressure will cause pain, tissue damage and associated white hairs. Ending 16 Jan at 1:31PM GMT 7d 11h. Some are little more than bareback pads that do little to distribute weight and take pressure off the horse’s spine, while others are marvels of engineering and can allow the horse’s muscles to move more naturally and fluidly. Here we talk about each stage along with detailed pictures. Contact your local retailer for store hours & COVID-19 safety measures. One of the most affordable multi-fit saddles on the market which uniquely benefits from a flexible leather tree and wool serge panel. The smooth surface of the neoprene pads on a Specialized Saddle lets you see exactly how your saddle fits and the adjustable system lets you dial it in exactly for a perfect fit without using any tools!*. One issue with some treeless saddles is that they may not be as secure as a traditional saddle. Acerugs New Western English Horse Riding Bareback PAD Premium TREELESS Saddle Leather Stirrups Comfy Horse Saddle TACK. this version, unlike the expert, has durable cr-mo rails for peace of mind, and like the pro & expert, it has our medium. The biggest problem with treeless saddles is weight dispersion. 0 bids. A Pad that measures pounds per square inch (PSI)  was used in each of the comparisons. Saddles. Get the best deals on Endurance Saddle when you shop the largest online selection at Equipment. Buy it HERE! Absolutely delighted with the fast delivery and good communication with yourselves! Comparing Specialized Saddles to Treeless Saddles Treeless saddles are saddles with no tree, basically a saddle with no bones, and without the tree they cannot distribute pressure evenly. Design your dream saddle. tyre levers and patches thanks for looking. One western treeless saddle design has a small wooden fork and cantle at the front and rear, with a sheet of leather and neoprene everywhere else. I received it safely today. They adjust automatically for every horse 3. Evaluating saddle fit on a fleece-lined western saddle is difficult. This style of saddle avoids a common pressure point from the girth attachment. Each saddle offers a vertebrae protection system that allows them to adjust to the horse’s movement and changes in the back. Increased safety – caged stirrups prevent the foot from slipping through in case of a fall. Compare the image of Supracore pad and pad with foam inserts under a treeless saddle shown here to see what your horse’s back experiences. Handmade in the USA. Shown below is the same rider on the same horse in a Specialized Saddle. Lightweight adjustable fit saddles that are comfortable for horse and rider. We are very pleased to announce that Better Saddles is now the official UK importer of Torsion treeless saddle and Equitex range of saddle pads. A step by step strip-down of a typical treed saddle. We work in close collaboration with highly regarded specialist manufacturers and are authorised distributors of Ghost and Cavallin Treeless Saddles and Trekker Flexible Saddles. Here (below) is an image of same weight rider in a Specialized Saddle. Traditional Saddles “The goal of the treed saddle is to give the rider a firm seat and distribute the rider’s weight along the horse’s back, keeping pressure to a minimum,” said Dr. Jeff Thomason, of the Ontario Veterinary College. We have made no effort to negatively portray the fit image of any saddle. Specialized Saddles are compared below to 4 different types of saddles. Ideal for any kind of leather tack, no need for saddle soap. The Soci… The treeless camp’s selling points are: 1. Taking the tree out of a saddle doesn’t make it a treeless saddle – thoughtful engineering and a redesigned weight distribution system allows it to be a true treeless saddle, and not just a bareback pad with stirrups. The saddle brands we offer and fit: HT saddles Ghost. Simply apply sparingly using the sponge provided for clean, shiny tack, no need to buff. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Flex Panel type saddles, including Ortho Flex, American Flex and ROC have flexible plastic panels attached at four points. Learn how to accurately take a wither template that you can send to Better Saddles as part of the process of getting a custom made saddle. The dust pattern of the saddle that first day riding with no special saddle pad showed even contact all the way from behind the shoulder to the last rib (the end of Peanut‘s saddle support area). £18.00 postage. As a result of saddle either being too narrow or too much padding, all pressure is on withers/shoulders. When a rider is sitting the pressure is applied directly under the seat in a relatively small circular area causing pressure over 5 psi and restricts blood flow to this area (shown in yellow and red below). All pressure is under 3 psi (excellent range) and it had no weight on the spine down the spinal channel. Specialized English Saddles are the only saddles built with flat bars rather than flocked panels, enabling the weight of saddle and rider to be distributed over a much larger surface. Freeform saddles combine the qualities of a conventional saddle with the lightness and flexibility of being treeless. Browse Saddles, or place a FREE ad today on This is a terrific saddle for trail riding, endurance or just hacking around! These attachment bolts are often positioned over the loins and shoulders. Browse the full range of Specialized Saddles available to buy with FREE UK delivery and returns on all orders over £10 at Sigma Sports - Cycling and Triathlon experts. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... KUDA FLEX TRAIL TREELESS STYLE SADDLE STYLE ENDURANCE GAITED HORSE. 7.1K likes. Click the links above to view a specific section. Saddles are a supportive structure that is fastened to an animal’s back by a girth so that they can carry a rider or other forms of the load. Specialized Saddles, Canutillo, Texas. Edix softtree Freemax Western Hidalgo (Fitting only) As a result of the Freeform foam injection molding process, the saddle is suitable for horses with a wide variety of conformations. Secure online shop for easy ordering with sensible postage rates and quick despatch. Copyright 2017 Better Saddles Ltd | All Rights Reserved |, Learn how to accurately take a wither template. They flex and move with the horse’s motion All of these things are true but only for certain rider-horse-saddle combinations.The problem is that for some combinations they are a terrible choice. Note the even, light pressure spread evenly along the bars with slightly higher pressure under rider’s seat. Y&Z Enterprises Synthetic Treeless Freemax Western Horse Saddle Size 15" to 18 Inch Seat Available Get 1 Matching Girth with Leather Strap. New to the Better Saddles shop are these Italian made lightweight, versatile treeless saddles. Discover New & Used Specialized Treeless Saddles for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. The new Ghost treeless saddle features a well thought-out design, and the latest treeless technology. This condition is referred to as “bridging”, like a bridge spanning a gully, resting only on the front and back. Lightweight adjustable fit saddles that are comfortable for horse and rider. Specialized Saddles have eliminated this unnecessary leather in front of bars and shortened bars slightly so shoulder movement isn’t as compromised as on most other western saddles For more on the effect of padding and how it affects saddle fit see “The Pad Paradox” article by clicking here. If you are a trick rider, choose a specialized saddle because these saddles provide extra safety. This treeless saddle is suitable for sports, outdoors, and long-time riding. As a horse develops, their body changes, and this saddle can easily be changed on site to accommodate the changes. Freeform range of treeless saddles offers very elegant treeless saddles with a conventional [...], Have you ever stopped to consider how the design and materials on your girth could have a significant impact on your horse and his [...], Saw an ex riding school horse today – he had only been in a riding school for 4 years, but had saddle sore marks on [...]. Treeless saddle structure. Related: barefoot treeless saddle western saddle treeless saddle 17 treeless saddle leather barefoot saddle bareback pad treeless saddle 16 treeless saddle 15 treeless saddle 18 endurance saddle treeless dressage saddle treeless saddle pad Treeless: There’s a lot of controversy about treeless saddles. When a rider is sitting the pressure is applied directly under the seat in a relatively small circular area causing pressure over 5 psi and restricts blood flow to this area (shown in yellow and red below). Handmade in the USA. 7.3K likes. I will definitely be using you guys in the future. The use of a curved surface results in a fairly narrow strip of contact resulting in a rather small area to distribute the weight of saddle and rider.*. The pressure pad image shows four circles of pressure when testing these type saddles, with no support in the center. Specialized Saddles are for the Pleasure, Endurance, Trail and Gaited horse riders. The most common type of saddle is the one designed for horses, but some other specialized saddles are also made for camels, oxen and other animals. Closer contact for the rider 4. The latest saddle from world renowned riding teacher and saddle designer, Heather Moffett. Specialized Saddles, Canutillo, Texas. Years of experience in saddle fitting and saddle issues with all horse types. The red spot below at the “rear” is directly under the seat. No bias to treeless or treed saddles. When a rider rises to post in stirrups the pressure is applied along the spine in the center of back. Free postage. FREE Shipping. Help and advice on saddle problems, before and after purchase. $129.99 $ 129. they are light, fit almost every horse, don't make the horse sore and are comfortable for the rider too. Click & Collect. or Best Offer. £350.00. New All Purpose Treeless Saddle for horse in Brown color Size 16"+ free Girth . Copyright© 2000 - 2019 Specialized Saddles. Fortunately I ride Forward Seat, so I never just plant my seat bones down and never move them, I frequently shift my “sitting point” forward and back between the front and back of my saddle’s sitting area. Registered Address: The Bike Factory, 153-161 Boughton, Chester, Cheshire, CH3 5BH. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you very much for my saddle. Our saddles are flexible and adaptable: From treeless to flexi tree with changeable or adjustable gullet. This article looks at two different approaches to the saddle question: traditional saddles with trees and today’s treeless saddles. Free shipping. Treeless saddles are saddles with no tree, basically a saddle with no bones, and without the tree they cannot distribute pressure evenly. Like most websites, Specialized uses cookies to allow us to remember you and show you more of what you'll like. So if you didn't buy a new saddle already I can highly recommend you to check it out: SellePodium - la sella dei campioni 7.1K likes. We advise on the best for you and your horse. The tradition of using both a blanket and pad, combined with the popularity of today’s thicker pads, often creates bridging. They offer both English and Western models. 4.5 out of 5 stars 54. Freeform Classic Treeless Saddle 16.5" Black . English saddles are made using flocked panels. This can cause soreness in the back and over time white spots will appear from nerve damage caused by these high pressure points. Bike Components. See how the components fit together and can affect the horse and rider. Please examine the pressure pad images shown below for graphical proof (as you scroll down you will see the images). Lightweight adjustable fit saddles that are comfortable for horse and rider. Urad Saddle cream. The red spot in the front is from the stirrups hanging over the spine. We understand that you might like to try a treeless saddle before buying and so we have several demonstration models that we send out to clients to try for a week. To accept cookies continue browsing as normal, or … Specialized Saddles builds in the padding and nothing to distort fit is added after you adjust it to fit your horse. 99. With this type of saddle, it might be wise to use a breastplate (straps that go forward from the front of the saddle around the horse's chest) to help prevent the saddle from turning. or Best Offer. Flexible saddle systems – specialized saddle fitter based in Scotland! When your Sensation saddle is set up in the hard use or endurance attachments, you can count on having an even better weight distribution than a treed saddle. specialized saddles NO RESERVE as the intention is to clear. Our patented technology has helped make horses more comfortable. These lightweight flexible stirrups are ideal for endurance riders. Saddles. £72.99. shop. Treeless saddles are more “natural” 2. Note even, light pressure spread evenly along the bars with slightly higher pressure under rider’s seat. The wider tread spreads the pressure and relieves pain in feet, ankles and knees. Largest range of treeless saddles in the UK with latest models always available. Barefoot Saddles are a great brand of treeless saddles to consider. Please feel free to email me with questions. Here (below) is an image of same weight rider in a Specialized Saddle. Click & Collect. * All images shown here were taken from a fitting session in Burbank California in which people brought their saddles to check fit on their horses. Specialized Avatar Saddle (155mm Wide) Specialized Avatar Saddle (155mm Wide). This often pinches the shoulders and interferes with the tree fitting in the manner it was designed to. The traditional western saddle often is too tight due to substantial padding. Treeless saddles they can be an improvement over a very bad fitting tree, but are not nearly as effective toward the goal of even pressure distribution and low psi as a precision fit system like that found in the Specialized Saddles. The rigging for the girth and the stirrups hang from the fork and cantle. A wide range of flexible and treeless saddles for all tastes and budgets, featuring the Heather Moffett FlexEE, Vogue, Sensation Ride™, TreeFree, Torsion, Freeform, Barefoot, Solution Saddles, Startrekk and Horsedream Bareback Pads.