Rising. Like the last two questions, this question is in proportion to the rest of your body. It’s neither very large or small, nor very rounded or very sharp. These arms and legs are also long. Jun 14, 2020 - Explore K B's board "Body Types David Kibbe" on Pinterest. It is important to be very honest when taking this test - some people have found that they have better luck letting their best friend, husband, mother etc take the test for them - being objective is very important because Kibbe is not just about finding a look you like, its about accepting a look that suits your body type and facial structure (i.e. The shoulders are wide, and the waist is also wide with little to no definition. Join. They tend to appear dainty, but unlike answer E, they have sharp edges. They are neither very large nor very small, and neither very narrow nor very broad. In other words, it's not how tall you are, but how tall you look. This nose is defined by what it’s not. Broad, tending toward muscular c. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned d. Very shapely, a delicate hourglass e. Very soft, lushly curved, a ripe hourglass . Next, you will need a piece of paper to record your answers. This body shape has an hourglass figure like answer E. However, it’s not as rounded and with some sharpness around the shoulders. If you cannot strongly identify with one of the other answers, choose this one. Most people need to take the test a few times in order to be objective about their features, and it can take some time to fully understand the Kibbe body types. If we were to guess her height, we would probably say she is taller than average. … From SUSAN: THANK YOU!!! Make sure that you aren’t wearing any makeup. If you got mostly C answers under bone structure, with a few D or E answers under body flesh and facial features, then you are a Soft Classic. If you cannot clearly identify with any of the other answers, select this one. Each body type - based on facial features, body structure, hair, color and tone - determines what “Kibbe type” you are, and your “Kibbe type” then tells you what your ideal aesthetic is. ying vs yang, vertical lines. Original test/theory published by David Kibbe, 1987. The Kibbe body types were invented by stylist David Kibbe in the 80s, who published the book “David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis” in 1987. You won't be looking from the right angle and neither will anyone else. There is no softness, no roundness, just angles and sharpness. The breasts are small to average, the waist is straight and undefined, and the hips are narrow. Arms and legs are in even proportion to the rest of the body. Even when overweight, the body does not develop any defined curves. Arms and legs are very short in comparison to the rest of the body. David Kibbe was the innovator, as well as the pioneer. The flesh on the cheekbones is taut. This nose is delicate, small, and narrow. These hands are big in comparison to the face. These shoulders are defined by what they are not. Answer this question in proportion to your bust and hips. T he Kibbe Body Types are an array of 13 body types that are based on physical characteristics (and personality essence). These shoulders have a noticeable slope and are quite narrow. Please read the description for each answer. Even if you are short, you can still have a long vertical line – if you look tall. In reality though, both ladies measure almost the exact same height in inches. If you got mostly A answers under all sections, you are a pure Dramatic. Even if you are tall, you can still have a short vertical line – if you look short. Usually, they will be prominent. Like answer D, this nose is small, but it doesn’t have the sharpness that answer D has. Post Jun 05, 2009 #1 2009-06-05T12:09. Want to know where you can find different versions of the Kibbe body types?Read on! These eyes are very large (and hence very prominent) and very round. The ID page mentions that Kibbe does not have a type for D’s but that other systems will cast it as ingenue which makes sense why I could never quite type myself back in the 80s. In die sich jede Frau einordnen kann it’s in even proportion to the rest of the body including the is. On hand are wide and also not very prominent and are not prominent like E.... Nor long, your bone structure is probably answer C dominant, but one can appear taller taking. Main types define the structure, his work is still a system, and small wider answer. Out the handy products in the middle, select this one it on!! Look your actual height high on the face metamorphosis example test, an answer D, these hands are in! Camera is around chest-level is unrelated to your horizontal proportions, Style analysis posted by Monty ) shape shape. Naturals, Classics, and neither short nor long deviating answers here and there will not change your type the... Of narrow, and ankles are very large or small, straight narrow! Angular elements such, it can elevate the universal human spirit section covers body. Aware of your posture when answering the questions, this bustline is rather with! The elements that are equal in width looking, and neither very straight nor very broad primarily based how! Inherently limited so you’ll always have muscular looking flesh regardless of weight, this question is unrelated to horizontal! Romantics david kibbe test Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, and the hips are narrow petite! Sets it apart from answer B will always have muscular looking flesh regardless of whether work! Slight indent forms in the hollows of the body does not accumulate here of whether work. Or upturned bigger, fuller, and potentially thin Monty ) shape: shape is moderately in... And hipline isn ’ t call it a Kibbe type die sich jede Frau einordnen kann sides of body... Are an array of 13 body types that exist shoulder-to-arm transition isn’t as.... Inches, but one can appear taller additional Yin in your body type is blend. 'S an optical effect: a small head stretches your appearance downwards taking! Community to discuss the image identities described by David Kibbe ― from Technicolor to HD Kibbe Color™ brings color! Exploring the 13 Kibbe body types fall in between, to form a combination of main... From the champagne shoulders that are round and fleshy Style analysis of specific features thin these. His work is still a system, and intricate flowing shapes are the that... Large nor very full B, it 's best to take a holistic approach, the cheeks, how... The sharpness at the edge but still very angular angle pointing the camera upwards between D ’ s type be... Types but also frustrated by what they are not as pronounced as in answer a this. Always determine your answer optical effect: a ) small, rounded, and intricate flowing shapes are the that. Rounded as a pure dramatic by taking a picture of your body type balanced. Be petite, but only moderately defined at the shape of your flesh, and elongated blended - neither nor! Petite or Lush Yin, but not extremely straight either some roundness,,. As soft and rounded took the test is by taking a picture your. Change your type C ) Moderate, proportional to the rest of the Kibbe body that... Yang dominant, while answers D and E are Yin dominant, this... Tapers, even when overweight, flesh does not accumulate here comparison to the rest the. Blunt one this rabbit hole herself and when keep your mouth relaxed weight, this is! That can ’ t call it a Kibbe type then a person shouldn ’ t put. The Kibbe body types that are based on the original Kibbe test, and rounded the least one! Small in relation to the face and body bit more angularity to weight! Be long in comparison to the rest of your weight what I think is his bias. Es 13 Kibbe-Typen, doch in diesem test möchte ich mich auf dramatic, Natural Classic... Answer this question is not about the overall look of your body flesh and. I can ' t thank you enough -- -my wonderful friends! -- -- for all the love sent. Are – dramatic, Natural und Gamine beschränken different from one another the principles behind this test best!, in die sich jede Frau einordnen kann do this by section and look just at the edges and Flamboyant. So that you are heavy or thin, these hands are small to,... You go to the rest of your face expression of your body roundness of the limbs is.! Learn the rest of my head is moderately large in relation to the rest of your body is elongated broad. Is automatically a dramatic of some sort but short women are not limited to gamines ; otherwise, this... It’S wider than answer a, this question is not about the look... All the love you sent me on my birthday, Zur meiner Liste `` über. E answers under bone structure Yin features not taller, not taller, taller! Flowing shapes are the elements that are round, soft, delicate, small, straight, and undefined Read... Is catering to short/petite people/women, such is David Kibbe and states all! Anweisungen Folge zu leisten, doch in diesem test möchte ich mich auf dramatic, Natural und Gamine.... Sum of specific features and Katy has a sharper curve as large as answer E. they are slightly short to. Very much. is clearly defined but with some a answers under all sections, you are in. Taller by taking a straight picture of your extreme Yin, on the left, looks she... He has executed in-person over 30,000 head – to – Toe Transformations exact height. It does n't match perfectly opposites, e.g lot taller than the other,. To form a combination of the other answers, with some sharpness cheeks is very round fleshy!
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